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Social And Ethical Responsibility

Social responsibility is the theory that organisations and individuals have an obligation to act to benefit society as a whole. This obligation can be met either by avoiding socially harmful acts or by actively undertaking activities that can advance social goals.

Asia Plantation Capital was founded on the belief that our work can benefit others. We believe that it is possible to operate as a profit-making organisation whilst also benefiting the environment. Every one of our investment opportunities is underpinned by the knowledge that the projects the funds back are environmentally sustainable.

Asia Plantation Capital also believes that the introduction of sustainable plantations will effectively tackle illegal logging. Roughly one fifth of the timber imported into Europe may be the result of illegal logging, according to research from the European Commission. One fundamental reason for illegal logging is that forestry is the only source of income in many rainforest regions, and families there have been exploited. If there is demand for a product, the pressure will always exist to meet it and creating an alternative timber source will not only help protect rainforests but provide employment opportunities for local populations.

Asia Plantation Capital employs local labour in all our plantations and wages are set fairly - outstripping the annual wage rate in all countries in which we operate. Our staff work eight-hour days with ample rest periods. In Sri Lanka we provide workers and their families with free land to grow their own food. We also offer employees finance to help purchase their own homes or improve their existing accommodation. Currently, semi-skilled labour in Sri Lanka is deserting the land because of low wages and lack of long-term prospects. Asia Plantation Capital provides both above-average wages and a minimum one-year contract of employment-helping to preserve a way of life.

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